Control Panel features

These plans are designed the meet the needs of most small to medium sized businesses, but if you need something different please contact us for a quote on a custom hosting solution.

All plans run on shared high-specification servers running Fedora Linux, Apache, MySQL and Cpanel. This is a very popular, secure and reliable combination for web servers. We don't operate servers using Microsoft operating systems or software.

The items listed here are standard features of the Control Panel that will be installed on your server. If you have any questions please contact us.

Features of all hosting plans:
MailCreate and delete e-mail accounts, autoresponders, e-mail filtering, forwarders, mailing lists, SpamAssassin.
WebmailAccess your mail from any computer anywhere using one of 3 standard Webmail programs.
DomainsSet up and remove parked domains (which work the same as your primary domain), add-on domains (which work like separate web sites within the same account) and sub-domains (likewise, but using a canonical version of your main domain name (eg. Add-on domains not available with all account types.
FTPAdd / remove users, change password
Anonymous FTPAnonymous FTP allows anyone access to a restricted area of your site. It is generally safest to not enable this. If you do enable it, you are responsible for the bandwidth and space used.
FilesFile management program allows you to upload / move / delete / edit / unzip ./ change permissions for all files on your server.
BackupGet backup files of your web site and databases.
htaccessManage password protected web directories
Error pagesDefine custom error pages for "Page not found" etc.
MySQLCreate and drop databases, browse and manage records using PHP MySQLAdmin.
RedirectsSetup server redirect rules, eg. to move visitors from an outdated page to a new one.
FrontpageEnable Frontpage extensions to enable you to update your server directly from MS Frontpage.
Web statsAggregated information about visitors to your site.
LogsRaw server log files (access and error logs) are available if required.
SubmitterSubmit your site automatically to the major search engines. (We recommend you submit manually instead).
CronSchedule jobs to happen at specific times.
MIME typesDefine extra type information for special-format files you wish to serve.
OpenPGPSetup server to handle secure e-mail (NB - also requires setup on all e-mail clients sending / receiving messages).
HotlinksHotlinking is when another web site owner links directly to one or more of your images or multimedia files and includes it on their web page. This control allows you to block this antisocial behaviour!
IP DenyBlock specific IP addresses from accessing your server.
SSLYou can use the server's own self-signed certificate to serve encrypted pages or purchase your own for us to install (cost of your own certificate is not included, and will require a dedicated IP address at extra cost).
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