Web design and development

Web design / development is a remarkably varied skill, demanding elements of journalism, proof-reading, graphic design, programming, multimedia design and usability studies. Large web design companies sometimes have a team approach to building a site with specialists in each field - producing excellent results at a price to match. We prefer to use talented generalists to handle as much as possible of the site creation, both to control costs and so that when you contact the developer he / she will fully understand all aspects of your site. Where necessary, and with your permission, we will also bring in outside specialists, eg. in graphic design.

In this section we discuss the process of creating a web site, starting with what you want it to achieve and how, ie.

  1. Who are the target audience and how will they use the site? Hence the user interface.
  2. This leads on to the presentation of the site - the graphics, colours and fonts should project the image your business wants and appeal to the target audience.
  3. Finally we can start coding the site - creating templates for web pages and selecting or writing programs to produce the dynamic content.
  4. For e-commerce sites the process is the same except for one additional step - taking payments.

For further details please follow the links above, or contact us for a detailed analysis of your web site needs.

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