Some example web-sites

We aim to produce web sites that are simple, clear and fast-loading - providing useful information and services. Original graphics are used sparingly, where appropriate (you won't find animated clip-art!). To discuss your new web site please complete the form on the right.

Ultrasonics World (
Top-quality replacement ultrasonics components at super-low prices fully compatible with standard components from major manufacturers

Online store for power-ultrasonics components, built on the popular open-source application Zen Cart with automatic calculation of shipping costs through the FedEx interface and payment processing through PayPal.

Magnetic Influence Health and Therapy (
Magnetic Influence - Therapy magnets offer effective pain relief arthritis migraines headaches joint pain back pain. Chemical-free pain relief.

Simple, clean site with pastel colours for a health / therapy product - magnetic treatment for pain relief.

Carrington Equipment Group (
Carrington Equipment Group - Heavy machinery for construction civil engineering and mining. New used and rental equipment.

New site for a local medium-sized business selling new and used construction equipment. Using the popular Wordpress software as a basis, news pages and banner ads are easily updated by the business staff themselves - minimal computing experience required.

HandyMagnet (
HandyMagnet - Flexible magnetic strip containing powerful rare-earth magnets. Thousands of uses around the house garden office or workshop.

A colourful, bright, fresh look for this site selling the versatile "Handy-magnet" - a flexible plastic strip with powerful rare-earth magnets embedded in it. Hundreds of uses around the home, office, garage or workshop.

Construction Market (
Construction Market -  Australian online market-place for used construction machinery and parts.

New site for a local business brokering the sale of heavy construction machinery. Web site includes a database of used construction equipment for sale in Australia.

1800 Bumper (

With vans based in Sydney and Newcastle this mobile car body repair business covers a wide area. The simple web site offers before and after pictures of their work - an excellent advertisement and a demonstration of the pride they take in fixing car bumpers, dents and scratches.

The site now also includes new elements from our cgi collection - photo upload and a custom image generator. The photo upload concept is simple - you take photos of the damage you want fixed and transfer the digital images to their computer (either using a digital camera or by scanning the photos). Then on the Quotes page you upload photos along with all other relevant details, allowing 1800Bumper's skilled assessors to work out a quote for repair work.

The custom image generator gives another option for people without a digital camera or scanner - you click on the diagram of a car, van or ute to mark the location and extent of the damage. Each click position is recorded with a small red cross, and the modified image is stored in the same way as a photo.

Australian Magnetic Solutions (
Australian Magnetic Solutions web site This local company continues to enlarge its web site - now over 100 pages packed with information on permanent magnets and magnetic technology. Note the multi-level pop-out menus, the glossary (automatically linked to all other pages wherever the featured words appear) and the graphs of flux density - images created on demand by a program written by Internet Lynx using calculations from Victor Cassar.

Power Ultrasonics (
A specialist technical web-site acting as an independent information source for users, researchers and industrial equipment suppliers. Includes basic information on the subject, links to books and technical articles and a searchable database of suppliers.
M.P. Interconsulting (
Commercial site for a Swiss company selling specialist consultancy and ultrasonics / sonochemistry equipment. The first site produced from scratch on the site-builder system.
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