Internet Lynx refunds policy

Design, customisation and programming

Design work is done on approval - nothing is invoiced until you are satisfied with the result we produce. If you decide you don't like our work, and we can't change it to your satisfaction, then you will not pay for it. (But please note: in this case you will have no right to use the design).

In fact we'd much prefer that you do approve and pay for our work... and that's happened every time so far!

Domain name registration

Domain name registration cannot be cancelled even if you have no further use for the domain. Sorry, no refunds are payable.

Hosting - no-fault cancellation

If you decide that our hosting service doesn't meet your needs, your circumstances change or for any other reason you don't wish to continue using our hosting service, we will refund a proportion of the advance fees you paid corresponding to the number of unused complete months.

Example: if you paid for 12 months in advance but cancelled before the end of your third month, we would refund 9/12 (75%) of your payment.

Hosting - account terminated

If we terminate your account because you break our terms of service (illegal or questionable activities) we will provide no refund. Please check these terms carefully before signing up.

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internet lynx refunds policy