Standard Software available for installation

Many hosts offer script auto-installers such as "Fantastico", claiming a one or two click install of a vast range of open-source software. What they don't tell you is that these installations are often buggy and always lag behind the developers in releasing important updates, including security bug-fixes.

Another issue is that users often install something and fail to keep it updated, leaving their account and to some extent the whole server vulnerable to attack.

So instead, Internet Lynx offers the same range of open-source software, plus many more on request, installed on our servers in the way the developers intended. Just let us know which scripts you'd like to use and we will set them up for you and we keep them up to date!

If you'd like to see other applications in this list please contact us.

Note: Most of these programs are open source and available to use free of charge, but some impose licensing conditions. Please check the home page for any program you wish to use and ensure that the authors' conditions are acceptable to you.

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Programs available on all accounts:
Blogs / weblogs began as personal diary sites allowing visitors to respond. Some have been developed to do much more.
Content Management
Content Management Systems (CMS) separate the content of a web site from its style, allowing convenient updates to individual pages (content) or the appearance of all pages (style). Note that there's a significant overlap between programs described here as Blogs, Content Management and Wikis.
Wikis offer a collaborative framework for the development of a web site by its visitors themselves!
Customer Relationship
Manage trouble tickets and live online help for your clients.
Discussion Boards
Commonly known as forums, discussion boards or bulletin boards - these allow your visitors to engage in discussions with you and between themselves.
Shopping carts allow your visitors to browse your products, select items and move to a checkout. We recommend the use of specialist payment gateway services to process payments.
Convenient method of managing frequently asked questions (see also Customer Relationship programs)
Allow visitors to leave you a brief message. Now largely superceded by discussion boards.
Image Galleries
Manage the display of thumbnail images linked to full-size versions.
Mailing Lists
Control mailing lists distributing e-mail newsletters.
Polls and Surveys
Request information from your visitors.
Manage projects - Gantt charts, resource allocation, budgets...
Other Scripts
Programs that don't fit anywhere else!
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standard software available