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We aim to meet the precise needs of all our clients - we're only happy when you are happy with the web site we've produced. This page is a sample of what clients have said about our service.

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You've done an amazing job! I'm so happy that its online in time, and working and looking good. 3/3 and a huge effort from all of us.

Thanks again
Elvira Zilliacus
Australian Genetics Training Centre

It is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial to Chris Cheers of Internetlynx as it is rare to find an organization prepared to listen and have the capability to complete unusual and at times difficult tasks which stretch the boundaries of an industry standard.

International Magnetic Solutions is a high technology magnet and engineering based company. We have tried for many years to build a site that painted a picture of our company and could be used as a tool to assist our customers and sales staff through the maze of a complex and unique environment. We required more than a flashy site. We needed a strong engineering background to present complicated formulae and engineering principals in a user-friendly non-technical manner. Internetlynx, with its strong engineering background, was the only organization, we found, that could do what we wanted.

Chris also handled the standard requirements of the site very well. Of course we wanted that a bit different as well. We got what we wanted with a minimum of fuss. We wanted our site to be as easy as possible to get around without getting lost. We wanted an unreasonable number of unusual links and different nick knacks. Internetlynx listened and performed. What more can you ask?

We still have a long way to go to reach our final goal, of a site that provides a complete service to our customers and staff but we are well on track thanks to the efforts of Internetlynx.

I would highly recommend Internetlynx to any organization requiring an effective web site.

Yours sincerely

Victor Cassar
Managing Director
International Magnetic Solutions Pty Ltd.

The more I look at the web page you have designed the more I like it. A job well done.

I love everything you've done with the website. I really like the movement as well and the colour is good.

Donna Aitken
Managing Director
Lion Information Services

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