The "User Interface" approach to web design

Your web site is the representative of your business on the web. How do you want it to interact with your current and potential customers?

The answer to that question gives us much of the information we need on how the web site should look and work. Below are some examples but if you have other ideas we will discuss with you how the site should interact with visitors and implement it according to your requirements.

Advertise your business to a worldwide audience

Supose you run a small motel or guest house and would like visitors from overseas to find you and book a room before they travel. You will want the web site to reflect the friendly welcoming atmosphere of your establishment, as well as presenting some of your local attractions. An online calendar would be appreciated, allowing visitors to check whether you have rooms available for their preferred dates. Or even, if the budget allows, a full on-line reservation system...

Provide 24/7 service to your clients

Any information you want to make available to customers can be placed on the web site so that it's instantly available anywhere in the world at any hour of the day or night, without burdening your customer support staff. A classic example is computer hardware manufacturers who almost universally use the web site to distribute updated driver software and manuals. In this case the aim should be to provide a simple indexing and retrieval system so that visitors can find what they're looking for as easily as possible.

All such information can be made freely available, restricted to clients or even restricted to a specific client - an example would be courier services who allow customers to track the progress of their delivery in real time.

Demonstrate your expertise to potential customers

A visitor (potential client) comes to your web site, but doesn't know you. How do you convince him that you're an expert in your field?

One way is to provide a lot of high-quality information about your field. How much? We recommend as much as you feel comfortable releasing and preferably a bit more! By providing such information online you will enhance your reputation and find other sites linking to yours. This is also very good for your search-engine rankings.

Of course some information is commercially sensitive or technically too important to release. Or you may be concerned that your competitors could download your information and use it on their web site (illegal but probably hard to prove). In some of these cases we may be able to set up a system that allows visitors to make use of information without being able to copy it - here are two examples we've produced: Magnetic calculator - Ultrasonic calculator

Something else in mind? Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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